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Available at select pet stores soon. Buy Lil' Stinkers online for delivery dropoff at the following Toronto dog parks: Trinity Bellwoods Dog Bowl, Bickford Park, Coronation Park, Stanley Park.

You found the missing ingredient!

The best way to add EPA and DHA [Omega-3s] is to feed sardines to your dog once a week. If you add fish oil to your dog’s food, replace the fish oil with sardines.

Steve Brown, dog nutritionist and author of See Spot Live Longer (in Whole Dog Journal)

Ingredients: Herring.

The word "sardine" can refer to a number of small, oily fish species that are packed in a particular way. Our Canadian Sardines are 100% Atlantic Herring, naturally smoked with no salt added. They are packed in their own juices, nothing else.

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We're all about supply chain.

We want you to feel good about buying and feeding this product - it can be a rare feeling in the pet store. When you buy this product, you are supporting independent and family-owned businesses from the Maritimes to Ontario. You are supporting traditional fishing villages where the wooden houses are still painted bright colours and the herring is still smoked with real hardwood.

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