Our Story

Jeannie got sick not long after we adopted her. During that time, I began making recovery meals for her in my kitchen and experienced firsthand that food is medicine. Beyond healing Jeannie, I found mixing my own meals for her to be super fun and satisfying. She’s a food-obsessed hound who always patiently watches me in the kitchen. I can’t describe Jeannie’s joy and appreciation when she realizes I’m actually cooking for her. “FOR ME!?”

I ended up doing a lot of research into what I could and could not feed my dog. When I learned that a can of sardines is one of the best, simplest whole foods you can add to a dog’s diet, I smiled thinking of a place I love dearly. There are not many sardine canneries remaining in North America as the industry conglomerated and this humble canned fish fell out of fashion. But I knew where I’d find a holdout still providing livelihoods for local fishermen and hand-packing with care.

I wanted pet owners to be able to find dog-friendly (no oil or salt added) sardines at the pet store and I wanted them to feel great about the supply chain, so I started Jeannie Beans. When you buy this product, you are supporting independent and family-owned businesses from the Maritimes to Ontario. You are supporting traditional fishing villages where the wooden houses are still painted bright colours and the herring is still smoked with real hardwood. Best of all, you’re creating your own healthy and delicious tradition - #SardineNight!

Thank you for being here,

Gracen & Jeannie

Gracen and Jeannie