Sourcing & Supply Chain

Our fish are safe to eat in abundance.

Atlantic Herring do not accumulate mercury like predator fish do. They feed off vegetation in cold, northern waters. Pregnant women could eat Jeannie Beans Sardines every day if they'd like. Try them on toast!

Our fish are harvested responsibly.

We source from Marine Stewardship Council certified fisheries off Canada's east coast (MSC-C-54278). The fleet that harvests and processes your Jeannie Beans is comprised of Canadian family-owned businesses rooted in small fishing communities. These fishermen take pride in being stewards of the waters that they depend on. They operate under quota and understand the importance of herring to the wider ocean ecosystem.

Our cannery is old-school in the best way.

Our Canadian cannery is also independently-owned and employs locals to smoke and handpack each can the traditional way. This product is more than human-grade, it's a delicious throwback to an old pantry staple. Sneak a bite if your dog won't get jealous.

Our product is full of good vibes.

Jeannie is a good girl that attracts a lot of love. We've poured that love into this product for you to unbox. Yes, that is a hand-drawn logo of Jeannie by her talented best bud and you bet, Jeannie's grandma flew across the country to dogsit while mom met with suppliers. Lil' Stinkers are packaged and shipped from London & Toronto, Ontario by Jeannie's family. Your order was probably booped tenderly by the hound herself.